Procedural Music 1

This is one of my many experiments at procedural music generation.

There's nothing too tricky about it. I recorded several distorted bass line variations, severaly higher leads, and several pad swells. All of them work reasonably well with each other. The algorithm picks several loops (with a balance of bass line, pad, and multiple leads), plays them to completion, and then picks more. The main thing of any interest is that the volumes of loops are faded mathematically in realtime, and in a non-4/4 way, and the loops are thrown together at random.

As procedural music goes, there's really not much going on here. It's not all that clever. Nevertheless, I think it makes for a pretty intersting effect, especially for a kind of ambient music.

For as much as the Flash game space has been really cool for art style experimentation and game mechanic experimentation, I've generally been pretty disappointed at how little music technology experimentation takes place. I guess it's a lot to ask for, but there's so much more that can be done with music in games, and big studios have often boxed themselves into a corner on that front. I'd love to see more ideas out of indie spaces about music.

Download the source for this file here. You might need to right click and select "Save As".