Located in Pittsburgh, PA, ice cream breakfast is an indie game development and game research effort I started in late 2006.

About Nathan McKenzie

Before ice cream breakfast, I worked in senior game programming and game design positions at both Raven Software and Rainbow Studios, on titles including Soldier of Fortune, Quake 4, Heretic 2, and Take No Prisoners, amongst others. I focused especially on special effects, artificial intelligence, weapon systems, player controls, shader programming, and game balancing. Following that, I become involved with education researchers as an affiliate of Games+Learning+Society, helping make educational game prototypes for Dr. David Shaffer and doing FX work on Filament Games' Resilient Planet. I also spent a year, from 2005 to 2006, evaluating the Open Source game engines for the U.S. military. I've spoken at both GDC and the Games, Learning, and Society conference.

My resume can be viewed here.

I can be contacted at nathanATicecreambreakfast.com... but be forewarned - the main way I get so much development done is by being a lousy e-mail respondent. Sad but true.